My “Why”

Many of you may wonder, WHY?? would you want to put yourself through the ordeal and stress of another campaign.

In 2015, I lost the election in Place 5 by a mere 259 votes.  Yes, it hurt!  And yes, I thought at the time that I would never put myself through that again.  But after I “got back out there” (and after many pints of Blue Bell) I was honestly shocked and humbled at how many people told me “you’ve got to run again!”  That gave me alot to think about.

Through the process of campaigning and all I was exposed to, I realized where my passions are!  At my church, Trietsch UMC, we are all strongly encouraged to serve not only where our talents are, but also where are passions are.  And if you can do both, then you and the areas where you serve, will be truly blessed!

I realized that my passion is working with the school district as a whole, not just in the schools where my children learn.  Over the past two years I have spent many hours LEARNING and listening to teachers, staff and district leadership.  I have attended many committee meetings, school board meetings.

Now, it is my time to ACT!  I am READY to RUN!



Filing Day

Wednesday, January 17th I went to the Bolin Center in Lewisville to file to run for school board!  What a feeling!  It was scary and exciting all at once.

Now the wait begins… many others will get in the race?   We won’t know until the filing deadline, February 16th.
filing photo


Allison Lassahn is a candidate for Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees, Place 5

FLOWER MOUND, February 1 – Highland Village resident Allison Lassahn filed her intent to run for Place 5 on the Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees during the upcoming May 7 election.

“I truly believe that LISD is the best school district in North Texas.  I plan to ensure that tradition of excellence is continued and make improvements where needed.  I look forward to working with Dr. Rogers, the leadership team and school board trustees to make sure that we have the tools needed for our teachers to teach and our children to learn.  I am so thrilled at the opportunity to serve my community in this manner” says Lassahn.

Lassahn is a native Texan, growing up and attending public school in Tyler.  Allison and her husband Lloyd have lived within LISD for 17 of their 20 years of marriage.  She is a graduate of Texas A&M University in College Station where she received a Bachelor of Science degree and of the University of Texas at Dallas where she earned a Master of Science degree.

Lassahn currently works at Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church as the Hospitality and Events Coordinator.  She previously worked at the Town of Flower Mound as the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Manager and the City of Coppell as the GIS Coordinator.

Lassahn is currently taking part in the LISD Inside program. She also has served on the board of three different PTAs within LISD.  Lassahn served as the President and Vice-President of Membership of the Greater Lewisville Early Childhood PTA and was a committee chair on the Flower Mound Elementary PTA board.  She currently serves as a committee chair on the Heritage Elementary PTA board and has been a room mom for the past five years.

Lassahn has served on the Board of Ethics for the City of Highland Village since 2012.  She and her husband have two sons attending Heritage Elementary School.

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