My Big 3

Any other “This is Us” fans out there?  One of the most common questions I get during the campaign, is what are your top three issues?

Here are my “Big 3”!

  1. Address decreasing enrollment: This is caused by three issues….lack of affordable housing for young families to move into; families who moved here years ago for the schools aren’t moving out of the area (and their kids are now out of the house); and finally, Charter schools.

There is no easy fix, but I do want to make sure that LISD is competitive with other districts by increasing academies at exisiting schools, opening enrollment to surrounding districts and marketing the district to the community.

2. Smart spending of 2017 Bond funds: In May 2017, the voters approved the sale of $737 million dollars in bonds.  This amount was based on the work of the Facilities Advisory Committee (I was a member, along with 70 other community members) and I will make sure that the funds spent go along with the work of this group.

3. $30 million Recapture: Next Fiscal year, LISD must send approximately $30 million dollars (of your tax money) to the state of Texas due to recapture aka, Robin Hood. The district is already looking at budget issues that will come up due to this flawed program.  Long term, we need to continue to advocate for public school finance reform with the state.  Short term, we need to look at the district’s budget carefully to ensure that we are spending money in the best way possible.

I am always open to questions!  Please feel free to email me at or through facebook at